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Our Promise

Every athlete will get a comprehensive program to fully develop his or her sport performance conditioning. Participants will work harder than they thought possible while practicing elite level nutrition with state of the art recovery techniques. Your athlete will be prepared to perform at his or her highest level from the beginning of the season forward.

Our Program

Full player development requires more than just lifting weights or running on treadmills. It is difficult to quantify improvement without baseline testing and final testing. TIER 1 tests every athlete prior to starting every program. Without specific nutrition requirements, players will not receive the full benefits of their hard work. TIER 1 provides individual diets for each sport and participant. Athletes will then work harder than they thought possible to achieve results. Dr. Mark May is on premises to oversee the health of every athlete.

Events & Announcements

Summer Program is an intense 11 week session.  Athletes will be pushed to the limits of their abilities in all areas of athleticism.  Training will...

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Our Spring Training Program is geared toward all athletes with an emphasis on hockey.  Athletes train two times per week, while competing in Spring sports,...

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Tier 1’s winter program is designed to develop athletes for upcoming sports.  The main emphasis for winter is on golf and baseball/softball. At the younger...

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Our Team

Don Lewis - Operations DirectorOperations Director
Dr. Mark May - Medical DirectorMedical Director

Dr. Mark May

Dr. Mark May is a doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, and is clinically trained or licensed in: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Health Nutrition/ Sports Nutrition Master Golf Fitness Instructor Motion palpation and Diversified techniques Acupuncture and meridian therapy Applied kinesiology Physiotherapy and Spinal rehabilitation Headaches/Whiplash/Concussion Protocols Titleist Performance Institute Level I Certification Activation/Release procedures Past Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor

Mark Bayers - ISFTA Certified Personal TrainerISFTA Certified Personal Trainer

Mark Bayers

Mark Bayers has been an ISFTA Certified Personal Trainer since 2011. Mark is now an instructor for ISFTA. Mark has been a training instructor since 1977, including time as the Head Strength Coach at Illinois Benedictine University and Strength Coach for the Chicago Young Americans.

What People Are Saying

Also, I wanted you to be aware that my son's working out with Tier 1 has enabled him to beat all of his past fitness challenges at school. He is by far one of the fastest kids in his school now and he has improved in all physical challenges. He surpassed the National fitness award and was awarded the highest Presidential Fitness award this year. This has become very important to him--thanks to you guys!!!! Keep up the good work! -Tonilyn
Just a note to express my appreciation for the design of Tier I Athletic Performance. While sport specific in your small groups, the combination of Dr. May, Jared McGriff-Culver and yourself provide a depth of training that is both individualized in its approach, while team focused in the players’ development and measured successes. There is a distinctiveness at the on-set with the introduction of nutrition and preparedness, dedication and commitment demands on the athlete and staff, the ongoing education as to how/why and the beneficial result of correctness with balance. The mix of exercises whether from a speed/quickness/ coordination aspect, core and muscle building, or the variation of methodologies within flex and recovery, accomplish your purpose while keeping Tier I’s program fresh, progressional and educational thereby developing a well-rounded athlete regardless of their future athletic involvements. As a parent I was interested in how a 14/15 year old would feel about giving up the summer evenings for Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat mornings. While you told him it required commitment, often it is more easily agreed than demonstrated. Since you have coached my son in the past, you know that once there is a commitment to the team it becomes between him and the coach. My role is to say work hard and have fun. So possibly the greatest compliment came from him when I dropped him off at Tier I and said work hard … he cut me off and said Dad it’s not fun. Yet, he asks if we are going on Tuesday or Thursday. So I would think it is a testament to your team in developing a program that translates hard work into teen recognizable accomplishments of work-reward and a take-away of desire to strive and continue. And when his friends ask, it’s a lot of work, but it is fun. Thanks for your commitment to the kids, Best, Edward Nickey, Principal Athletic Facilities Development, LLC
Edward NickeyAthletic Facilities Development, LLC
I would think it is a testament to your team in developing a program that translates hard work into teen recognizable accomplishments of work-reward and a take-away of desire to strive and continue. And when his friends ask, it’s a lot of work, but it is fun.
Edward Nickey, PrincipleAthletic Facilities Development, LLC