Hockey Program

For four years, Tier 1 has specialized in training for hockey players. Hockey players require multi-faceted core competencies. Only Tier 1 trains for all the skills necessary to excel at the world’s greatest game. Additionally, Tier 1 provides required nutrition, ongoing comparative testing and uses periodization of training to increase intensity as the player develops. No two workouts are ever the same and Tier 1, through medical oversight, has not had a single athlete miss a day of training due to injury. In short, Tier 1 has designed and implemented a hockey training methodology to fully develop player skills in a safe and challenging environment. All training sessions are one hour.

Hockey Training Includes:

  • Power for Battles and On Skate Stability
  • Quickness Training for Short Races
  • Core Stability and Strength to Stand Up to Opponents
  • Agility for Elusiveness and Small Area Competition
  • Hand Eye Coordination for Pass Catching and Shooting
  • Endurance for Third Period and Tournaments
  • Core Rotation Power for Shooting
  • Upper Body/Lower Body Independence for Better Playmaking
  • Increased Flexibility for Injury Reduction and Prevention

This Program is designed to develop the Hockey Player for sports performance. Program includes 8 or 10 weeks of training plus medical oversight, mandatory nutrition and state of the art training techniques for hockey players. Click here for Summer schedule. Please feel free to contact Don Lewis (Owner) at 630-947-3017 or via email at