Tier 1: Training (exercise) & Studying

Training (exercise) & Studying

*All of these are proven FACTS, you can look them up. (Maybe not the last one, but we at Tier 1 think so)*

  • TRAINING helps with remembering.
    • Test time? Your one hour long workout can help you with all of that material you need to focus on.
  • TRAINING helps fight stress.
    • Finals week? That ONE hour workout helps to fight the stress built up from studying.
  • TRAINING¬†helps fight sluggishness and tiredness.
    • 3 or 4 hours into that study grind? The ONE hour workout improves our energy levels and mental focus. Not only great for finals time, but even the ACT.
  • TRAINING helps improve your mood.
    • Not comprehending the subject matter? the Grueling ONE hour workout takes you away from it all. When your mind is refreshed and able to see more clearly and openly.

Training lets you hang out with the coolest guys on the planet.

Lets just face it. You would rather be with us, smiling and sweating anyway.