2020 Summer Program Curriculum


TENTATIVE DATES:  June 1 – August 8, 2020


12U:  Overall athleticism is the focus of this program with an eye on the select hockey skills that can be developed in a player this age.  Training is based on bodyweight, TRX, light weights, medicine balls, and band resistance.  Players can choose to train two or three times per week.  It is our experience that greater results are achieved at three times per week, but we understand the scheduling constraints of this age group.

14U:  This program is designed for the multiple sport athlete that participates in hockey.  At this age, some weight training is introduced along with overall athleticism, with an eye on hockey.  Athletes in this group will train three times per week.  We also provide the option to train twice weekly, but we do encourage our athletes to train three days per week to get maximum results.

Girls:  Female athletes, as their bodies mature, need to be trained differently than their male counterparts.  Young women also learn differently than boys and providing separate training allows for that change in teaching.  Tier 1 is dedicated to training girl athletes with the same intensity as boys.  This program is three days per week and will encompass athleticism and hockey skills.  We also provide the option to train twice weekly, but we do encourage our athletes to train three days per week to get maximum results.

HS:  This is a three time per week hockey specific training program for High School aged athletes.  All training is dedicated to developing a stronger, explosive, more coordinated and better-balanced hockey player while reducing injury risk.  We will use varying levels of weights to encourage “muscle confusion”.  This process enables muscle to grow and strengthen faster and increase interest for the athlete.

Please remember all classes are 10 athletes or less.  All programs are filled on a first come, first served basis.  Class size subject to change based on State Guidelines.


This year our training will be two or three days per week.  Throughout the summer, we will offer weekly Saturday “Make-Up” days.  We want our athletes go get all their training sessions.   Athletes are also welcome to make up classes on their off days as long as we do not exceed our maximum class size.

Three day per week program:  Burr Ridge          $699                                           

Two day per week program       Burr Ridge         $499                                                                                    

For specific pricing questions, please contact Don Lewis at 630.947.3017 or email at Tier1ap@gmail.com 

One final note:  Tier 1 will not turn any athlete away due to financial concerns.  Payment plans are available as well as financial assistance.  If an athlete wants to train at Tier 1, we will take every reasonable measure to make participation possible.


Registrations will be accepted online.  To register online, please click https://app.jackrabbitclass.com/regv2.asp?id=534124 .  If you would like to pay via another method, please contact Don directly.  Phone/text 630.947.3017 or email at tier1ap@gmail.com