2023 Summer Skating Clinic

The most difficult part of our jobs, as trainers, is to get our athletes to translate what they are learning in the gym, to the ice, specifically skating.  There is just a different feel when you move from rubber soled shoes to skate blades.  In an effort to bridge that gap, T1AP will be conducting a two day off-ice, on-ice clinic.

The overall purpose of the clinic is to teach proper technical skating skills.  This is not a “sweaty head” power skate.  We will break down all aspects of skating including, stride and return, all turns, starting, stopping and accelerating from gliding.  We will use exercises in the gym to replicate the feel of proper body position, core balance and quick foot movements.  We will then go on the ice and use a series of drills to reproduce the feeling associated with the skill.  As our Training Director, Skye Dougherty, says “There are no mirrors on the ice”.  This is the main reason we do not have mirrors in the gym.  Skaters must learn the feel of proper, athletic movement.


  • Quick foot movement for explosive starts
  • Stride and recovery maximizing the power zone
  • Cross-overs and turns for balance and speed
  • Transitions for change of direction without loss of momentum
  • Rapid deceleration
  • Upper-body – lower-body independence
  • R.O.Y.S – Run On Your Skates

Dates and Times
Tuesday August 1 and Wednesday August 2, 2023
2009 and Older – 7:00 – 7:50pm Off Ice
8:00 – 9:15pm On Ice

Classes are limited to 24 skaters. Sessions will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Cost: $189

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