RAV 2024 – Holiday Shooting Clinic

Release – Accuracy – Velocity

All good goal scorers possess the above three traits.  This clinic is designed to learn and develop shooting and goal scoring skills.  Quick release and accuracy are far more important than velocity, however, coaches spend most of their time working on shooting the puck as hard as possible.  RAV will focus on releasing the puck quickly and always on goal.  The only shot that cannot go in is the one that misses the net.  And let’s face it, all hockey players love to shoot pucks.   

Curriculum will include wrist shot, snap shot, backhand shot, deflections, one-timers, rebounding and deking.  Both groups will also include the slap shot. While squirts cannot yet use this shot, the mechanics of the shot will help player’s better control weight transfer and follow through.  This year we will spend additional time on net play to increase close to the net success.  

Timing of this clinic is perfect to prepare players for resumption of league play, after the holidays. as well as league and state playoffs.   Class size is limited and applications are accepted on a first come first served basis

Goaltenders are welcome. Goalies can expect about 200 shots per day. Please contact Don via email for details.

Dates and Times
Tuesday January 2nd through Thursday, January 4th
Squirt/Peewee 9:00–10.:15am
Bantam/Midget/High School 10:25-11:40am

Cost: $189

Early Bird Discount $159 – Extended to December 1

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