Hockey Program

For seven years, Tier 1 has specialized in training for hockey players.  Hockey players require multi-faceted core competencies.  Only Tier 1 trains for all the skills necessary to excel at the world’s greatest game.  Additionally, Tier 1 provides required nutrition, ongoing comparative testing, and uses periodization of training to increase intensity as the player develops.  No two workouts are ever the same and Tier 1 has not had a single athlete miss a day of training due to injury.  In short, Tier 1 has designed and implemented a hockey training methodology to develop player skills in a safe and challenging environment fully.  

Hockey Training Includes:

  • Power for Battles and On Skate Stability
  • Quickness Training for Short Races
  • Core Stability and Strength to Stand Up to Opponents
  • Agility for Elusiveness and Small Area Competition 
  • Hand-Eye Coordination for Pass Catching and Shooting
  • Endurance for Third Period and Tournaments
  • Core Rotation Power for Shooting
  • Upper Body/Lower Body Independence for Better Playmaking
  • Increased Flexibility for Injury Reduction and Prevention

The Tier 1 program is designed to help young athletes gain strength, athleticism, and self-confidence.  If skaters work hard in the gym, practice is easier.  If practice is easier, players learn more.  The more players learn, the greater their enjoyment and performance in games.