Holiday Precision Skating Clinic

Objective: To give skaters a unique presentation of all skating skills using a combination of off-
ice exercises and on ice drills. Skating requires upper-body, lower-body independence. Skating is not a natural movement. It must be learned. Players will get an explanation of techniques while experiencing the feel of motion required to instill the skill. This is not a “sweaty head” power skate. Athletes will develop better skating habits that can be practiced and carried into games.


  • Quick foot movement for explosive starts
  • Stride and recovery maximizing the power zone
  • Cross-overs and turns for balance and speed
  • Transitions for change of direction without loss of momentum
  • Rapid deceleration
  • Upper-body – lower-body independence
  • R.O.Y.S – Run On Your Skates

Dates and Times

Tuesday December 27 and Wednesday December 28, 2022


8:00-8:45am Off Ice
9:00-10:15am On Ice

Midget/High School

10:30-11:15am Off Ice
11:30-12:45pm On Ice 

Classes are limited to 24 skaters. Sessions will be filled on a first come, first served basis. If you have questions, contact Don Lewis at 630.947.3017, phone, or text as well as

Cost: $239

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