Tier 1 In Season Hockey Training for HHC

For 2020-21, Tier 1 Athletic Performance will be conducting off-ice training, at Canlan Ice  Sports, for Huskies team members (peewee and above). Tier 1 has partnered with the Huskies  to enhance the hockey experience through vigorous physical conditioning.

Hockey Training Includes:

  • Power for Battles and On Skate Stability 
  • Quickness Training for Short Races 
  • Core Stability and Strength to Stand Up to Opponents 
  • Agility for Elusiveness and Small Area Competition  
  • Hand Eye Coordination for Pass Catching and Shooting 
  • Endurance through proper shift recovery for Third Periods and Tournaments
  • Core Rotation Power for Shooting and Tight Space Balance 
  • Upper Body/Lower Body Independence for Better Playmaking
  • Increased Flexibility for Injury Reduction and Prevention

Once per week training will begin on September 15 and extend for 10 weeks. Classes will be planned for each team prior to practice on either Tuesday or Thursday. 10 training session cost is $160. 

Please contact Don Lewis at 630.947.3017, or email at tier1ap@google.com with any  questions. See www.tier1athleticperformance.com for schedules and to register. Players will  work hard, compete, have fun and get better at hockey.

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