2020 Annual Membership Program

Over the course of last year, we have learned a lot more about how to train athletes in season.  The punch card program has been a great success. Now we have combined our punch card flexibility with our traditional Spring and Summer Programs.  Tier 1 is proud to introduce our Annual Membership program.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Annual Memberships begin February 1 and run until February 15, 2021  
  • Athletes can train anytime during the year; whenever their schedule allows
  • First choice of days and times for summer.  As always, we have great flexibility in our scheduling from week to week
  • Spring and Summer PROGRAMS are included, either two or three days per week.  We do ask that families provide most frequent days and times, for spring and summer, so we do not exceed our class size limits
  • From September through February, train any day without notice.  Just show up at the proper class time!!
  • Total athlete training sessions are unlimited (but we will work with you a reasonable regimen during season).
  • Additional discount for multiple athlete families
  • Limited memberships available to control class sizes
  • All classes will be conducted at our Burr Ridge Facility.  While we are working on a location to the west and south, we do not have any written contracts at this time.  We are located ½ mile south of I55 and RT83.
  • Estimated cost of Spring 2020 and Summer 2020: $249 and $699 (three days per week) respectively.

We ask that families fully participate in the summer program.  As we use periodization of training to build from weeks one through 10 (summer), it is unwise to have an athlete “drop in” in week seven having not trained for two months.  The risk of muscle pull and physical overload outweighs the benefits of one training session.

Cost:  $949

Early Registration (by February 10, 2020): $899