Soccer Program

This Program is designed to develop the Soccer Player for sports performance. Program includes medical oversight, nutritional requirements and pre- and post-testing. Participants will train 2-3 times weekly for two to three months immediately preceding the start of Fall season.

  • Advance Core Development for Stability
  • Lower Body Strength for Endurance and Kicks
  • Upper Body Strength for Battles and Throw ins
  • Endurance for Distance throughout the Game
  • Explosiveness for Starts and Sprints, and Deceleration
  • Agility for Lateral Movement and Ball Dexterity
  • Safe and Fun Environment for full Skill Development

The program’s goal is to produce a highly conditioned athlete with more power and strength and less susceptibility to injury. For information contact Don Lewis, Co-Owner and Director of Operations at 630.947.3017.