Spring Training at Burr Ridge

The six week program is intended to bring increased power, quickness, agility, core balance and strength plus short term cardiovascular conditioning.

For the fifth year, Tier 1 is providing off ice training for hockey players and other athletes. Hockey requires every skill set from hand-eye coordination to foot quickness to pure strength. Players of almost every sport benefit from the attributes required to play hockey.

Players will train twice weekly for six weeks to coincide with spring sports. Below is the
schedule for our next session at Burr Ridge.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
6:00 p.m. 12U 12U 12U 12U
7:00 p.m. 14U 14U 14U 14U
8:00 p.m. HS HS HS HS

Program Cost: $249 Early Bird Discount (By March 3) $224

We hope you will choose to attend this program. If you would like to try a session the week of April 8 or have any other questions, please contact Don Lewis at 630.947.3017 (voice or text) or
email at lew1161@yahoo.com.

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